Nero Are Teasing Something – But What Is It?

British trio Nero have teased their followers with a very mysterious message.

A message containing four possible song titles and a picture of the trio performing was posted to their Facebook page on July 1st, 2016.

Questions have arisen as to whether this means new music – possibly in the form of an EP, or  they could be lyrics to a new single, who knows.

Nero aren’t exactly known for their complete obvious behavior, as they have created a mysterious reputation for themselves so that the music (often very good music) can speak for itself. This is just further evidence that Nero, which currently consists of producers Dan Stephens, Joe Ray and vocalist Alana Watson plan to continue this mysterious atmosphere which surrounds them.

But now with that Alana Watson has (officially) joined the Nero team (after the single Promises gathered international success, Stephens and Ray invited her into the band.)  There could be a whole new level of mystery for the duo turned trio

Here’s the cryptic post for you to see for yourself.

“Different Story / Set Me Free / Still Going / Just Us. / coming soon…” – Nero,             Image Source: Nero



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