Rain Man Releases Remix From Krewella Collaborator

Ex-Krewella producer Rain Man has released a handful of singles in 2015 and 2016 after the mess that was his lawsuit with current Krewella members Yasmine & Jahan Yousaf. One of these singles Bring Back The Summer featuring singer OLY caught some major radio air due to it’s pop-friendly production and composition.

Earlier in 2016 Rain Man and label Dim Mak Records released four remixes of the single by Boehm, Snuf, I.Y.F.F.E, and INSTRUM.  Now he’s back with a part 2 of these remixes, with an EP of 7 remixes including one by LA Riots (whose new song with Ayah Marar you can check out here).

One of these remixes is by UK duo DISKORD, who collaborated with Krewella: Rain Man’s old group. The duo collaborated with Krewella on the single Beggars from Krewella’s extended play Ammunition released earlier this year. They also produced its first and only promotional single Broken Record.

DISKORD in their remix nod to the original by keeping the vocal chops (which are later edited) and the simple chord progression in the chorus/pre-drop. The duo use a complex drum beat with trap like lead ups to create an interesting remix all round. Along with future house melodies accompanying this the remix becomes a great club track rather than a ‘banger‘ festival track.

You can listen to remixes of Bring Back The Summer  from Moski, LA Riots, Not Your Dope, Arpex, Max Styler, Prismo and DISKORD on Spotify and iTunes now.

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