Karmin, Wild Culture: “Sugar” (Lost Kings Remix)

Karmin and Wild Culture released a remix EP for their version of their single Sugar in March and I haven’t seen much love for it. So here i am spreading the love like an all-knowing Spotify addict.

Sugar is the fourth single from Karmin’s upcoming sophomore LP Leo Rising which is set to be released in August (but no date confirmed) as according to their biggest fan Twitter account Karmin Lately. (This was then confirmed by Karmin themselves on Twitter).

Nick Noonan & Amy Heidemann-Noonan of Karmin. Image Source: Alfitude.

However in early 2016 Wild Culture released a remix on Soundcloud, which then turned into a collaboration between the two artists. This eventually led to the Sugar EP being released. Followed by the Sugar (Remix – EP) being released in March.

It features remixes by Teddy Killerz, Averro and Lost Kings. The latter of the three is the ultimate summer jam. The fast-paced and fun remix uses a funky guitar riff which then transcends into the chorus with an amazing horn section, spreading positive vibes all around. Great for a party. Definitely different from what the duo (Lost Kings) have been remixing and releasing in recent times.

Definitely give this remix a listen and see if you like it, i know i do.

Here’s the original version set to appear on Karmin’s upcoming album Leo Rising. Which i am also looking forward to, as they have been releasing music from the album on their FREE app. Most of which has been very good so far.

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor Music.


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