Marshmello Releases New Music Video For “Alone” on Monstercat

Anyone who is an active member of the electronic dance music community is likely to know of Marshmello. One of a few producers who have created an identity by hiding their own.

Well after the release of his debut LP Joytime in January, he has released two more singles. Most artists would usually pause and take a break, or go on tour to celebrate the release of an album. But this isn’t the case for Marshemllo. He’s back again with his second single release of this year titled “Alone”, which has received a touching music video released via Monstercat.

The music video, directed by Daniel Burke deals with the issue of bullying. In the video Marshmello is bullied due to his differences from the in-crowd at high-school. He though manages to show off his love of music, spreading positivity after he finds someone (a student from the same high school) who believes in him. A little unrealistic and a concept that has been done before, but still none the less touching. The video presents a clear positive message to its viewers unlike many other music videos being released by musicians (looking at you Miley, Tujamo & Danny Avila).

It’s great to see musicians spreading positivity, especially  since the recent horrific events which have shocked the world.

You can listen to Alone on Spotify and iTunes and check out the music video on Monstercat’s YouTube channel below.

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor

Featured Image: Marshemello, Source: Billboard.


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