15 Slow Slongs You Have To Listen To Right Now

Slow jams are the underdog of the music industry. So grab a tissue, and someone to dance/ cry with because this list is a mix of endearing and heartbreaking. From pop to EDM to rap to indie there’s something for everybody.

1. ‘All That’ – Carly Rae Jepsen

A beautiful, 80’s inspired song with flowing synths and perfectly sample drums direct from 1985. A love song that’s perfect to slow dance to. It’s from her third studio album E•MO•TION released in August, 2015.

2. ‘Hate To See Your Heart Break’ – Paramore

A surprisingly different song to any of Paramore’s previous discography, but then again that was the case for their entire self titled album from which this sweet song appeared. (There is also a version featuring singer Joy Williams you can listen to from the deluxe edition of the album).

3. ‘BLUE’ – Troye Sivan featuring Alex Hope

A clear heartbreak anthem, although not necessarily for slow dancing to, the closing track from Sivan’s debut Blue Neighbourhood is very sad, but the vocals between Sivan and Hope blend well to create a slow, evocative track.


4. ‘Wasting Time’ – Allday

Back into music you can dance to, this track by Allday (born Tom Gaynor) from his debut Startup Cult has a solid beat for listeners to seductively dance to. This track was definitely one of the highlights from the Aussie’s debut.

5. ‘My Scene’ – Seth Sentry

Back at it again with rap music, Seth Sentry a.k.a the only Australian rapper to perform on American television comes in at number five with the song My Scene. I’ve seen him perform ‘My Scene’ from his debut This Was Tomorrow and it is  great to sing a long to whilst still maintaining that ‘slow jam’ atmosphere.

6. ‘Innocence’ – Madeon featuring Aquilo

The slowest song from Madeon’s debut Adventure leaves some room for dancing in the chorus and singing along in the verse. This should leave EDM fans, especially fans of the Nu Disco artist satisfied.

7. ‘Is There Somewhere’ – Halsey

The first track from Halsey’s debut EP Room 93 starts of sad and slow, before spiraling into a somewhat cinematic electronic piece of pop. Great for romance, if you don’t dig too deep into the lyrics…

8. ‘Before I Go Upstairs’ – The Never Ending

The indie pop trio (then a 6 piece band) who released their debut EP One in 2014 have mastered acoustic pop. Before I Go Upstairs is a perfect example of their slow-danceable music which could make you cry.

9. ‘Interlude: Holiday’ – Paramore

Sorry for a double up of Paramore, but i couldn’t pick just one. The minute long interlude is a ukulele filled piece which talks about drinking coffee and reading the paper. It is the most relaxed of songs in this playlist, but will still make you want to dance.

10. ‘Give You What You Like’ – Avril Lavigne

The rocker turned pop princess released this as a single from her fifth, self-titled album. It’s a heartbreaking acoustic pop piece about having sex to combat loneliness. One of her best songs in history, in my opinion. Please Note: This Song is NOT included in the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. The VEVO version of the music video is not available so I’m inserting a fan upload.

11. ‘The Last Song’ – Iggy Azalea

Before she became Iggy Iggs, Iggy Azalea released an impressive mixtape called Ignorant Art. The last song from Art, fittingly called The Last Song is a slow, and touching song which talks about a fairly new lover who she ‘hasn’t even kissed yet’ whilst highlights his drug addiction. Give this song a chance before you assume it’s bad based on her reputation in the media.

12. ‘If You Leave Me Now’ – Foxes

This heartbreaking song, with an orchestra in its instrumentation has British singer foxes confusing her words to create a cinematic piece with a steady drum beat for listeners to dance and cry to simultaneously. It appears on her sophomore effort titled All I Need.

13. ‘Am Yours’ – Illy

I’ve said ‘heartbreaking’ a lot in this article. But this tops them all. Australian rapper Illy raps about his mother and the time in his family’s life when she got cancer. A very touching song which is the all time highlight from his entire discography. It appears on his fourth studio album Cinematic. 

14. ‘Close To You’ – Rihanna

From about now on you’ll probably just sit and cry. The piano ballad which closes ANTI, Rihanna’s eighth studio album is sweet, which is characteristic many slow songs share. Her rough vocals contrast with the piano to create a suitable track to end on.

15. ‘See You Again’ – Elle King

The rocker lays it all bare on the closing track from her debut Love Stuff. A purely acoustic song in which King describes falling in love and not wanting to wait for this person due to distance issues. It’s a pure contrast to anything else on Love Stuff besides the track before it Make You Smile. In Love Stuff, See You Again is contrasted by an attitude and behaviors in which she finds herself as a mean, badass rock ‘n’ roll chick who is a sexual predator of sorts.

I thoroughly hope you enjoyed this playlist, let me know if you want more recommendations for music, or wish to recommend a song to me you can do so  by contacting me on twitter (@BurningAnchor or @AngusAnchorBurn), or head to the ‘Talk to Us’ section of this blog.

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor


Featured Image: Rihanna, Source: The Verge


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