Australian Rapper Allday Releases New Song “Monster Truck”

By Angus McColl – Burning Anchor.

Up and coming Australian rapper Allday, who recently signed with American label Wind Up Records has released a new, electronic-rap single “Monster Truck”. Allday made Australian rap history after being the second Australian rapper to sign with an American label (the first being Iggy Azalea). 

The new single, Monster Truck see’s Allday collaborating with Cam Bluff and Charlie Daly; some of his previous collaborators on tracks “Taking Hold” and “Right Now” from his debut album Startup Cult.

Monster Truck heads in the same direction that his latest mixtape Soft Grunge Love Rap was headed: a blending of electronic and rap genres to create a distinct separation from regular Australian hip-hop artists.

Whilst lyrically the single is much the same; a mix of personally meaningful and contemporary lines, on a production standpoint the song is much different from earlier works. The use of trap beats, pitched vocals in the chorus and vocal manipulation not dissimilar to auto-tune in the verse separate him from his most of his discography.

Monster Truck turns out to be an interesting track in which is sure to please members of an American audience whilst not completely alienating his Australian audience.

Whilst a release date for Monster Truck has not been  announced, you can listen to the song via the lyric video below.

Featured Image: Allday, Image Source:  Howl & Echoes 



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