Watch: Alison Wonderland’s Full EDC Las Vegas Performance

The Aussie classically trained cellist turned trap producer, singer and DJ Alison Wonderland made history after becoming the second female to DJ a solo set at EDC Las Vegas. The first being Anna Lunoe who performed the night before.

Alison, real name Alex Sholler had a killer set at EDC Las Vegas this year which showed diversity from the grimiest trap tracks to her very own Justin Bieber What Do You Mean remix (which you can listen to here because it’s a total banger).

Up until now you people were not able to view a great video of the set because well, most videos were from audience member’s phones. Wonderland uploaded a crystal clear version of the performance, which as i listen to again for the second time is both smooth in mixing and has a great energy to it. Some amazing stuff coming from the upcoming producer in which she has clearly carefully crafted.

Alison Wonderland uploaded the video after saying the following on Twitter:

She then replied to that tweet with the video:

Wonderland then issued a thank-you tweet which stated the following.

Good for Wonderland, and honestly: good for music. Definitely check the set out in the Tweet above and you can listen to her (amazing) debut album Run on Spotify and iTunes.

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor

Featured Image: Alison Wonderland, Source Image: MixMag


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