Everything We Know About That Halsey & Chainsmokers Collab

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor

Halsey is a prominent name in synthpop and electropop with her debut album Badlands along with singles Ghost, New Americana and the recent Colors. The Chainsmokers are the most popular DJ’s in pop music at the moment;with singles Roses (ft. ROZES) and Don’t Let Me Down which features the songstress Daya. A collab between the two of them would make one hell of a hit, and one hell of a track.

This is happening, a Halsey x Chainsmokers collaboration has taken place and now we eagerly await for it’s release. But what do we know?

1. Halsey Isn’t the Only One Singing on the Track.

On June 27, 2016 Halsey released 10-second videos of her singing along to the track via Snapchat. One of these stated “Duet-ing in the car with Drew”. This is most likely to be Andrew (Drew) Taggart of the Chainsmokers singing. He performed backup vocals for their hit Roses, and even performed his vocal-part on James Corden. Below is Halsey singing to the track via her Snapchat.

Also, yes this is the real song if you contextualize (probably the wrong word for this but hey) her response to a fan Tweet below:

Here’s that fan’s tweet:

2. It’s Going to Be Released ‘Soon’.

Whilst performing on Good Morning America, the Chainsmokers allegedly said the song would be out next month. This also happened to be on June 27th. This is according to source YourEDMBelow is the announcement from Halsey herself three weeks ago via Instagram.

3. SME Seems Pretty Strict About Keeping it Under Locks (for Now).

Multiple websites have included videos of a live performance of the single from Bonarroo. This video(s) have since been taken down by SME (Sony Music Entertainment) due to copyright claims. It seems as though they want to keep it under lock and key until official teasers / lyric videos / audio videos / music videos and etc are released.

4. There is a Chance the Collab will be Called “We Ain’t Never Getting Older” or “Closer”.

Due to the lyrics in the teaser (above), websites and fans including Dancing Astronaut have dubbed the song title “We Ain’t Never Getting Older”. But however other fans have called it “Closer”, as shown in the following Tweet. The title “Closer” was also used as a tag in that YourEDM article linked earlier despite not mentioning its title in the article at all. Do they know something we don’t? Fuse TV also called it Closer in this article.

So that’s all I know about the upcoming Chainsmokers x Halsey collaboration based on my many google searches and the stalking of Halsey’s twitter. I’m very excited to hear how the two artists collaborate and combine their opposing sounds to creating something interesting and musically different to anything else on radio.

Featured Image: Halsey & Andrew Taggart Singing: Image Source: Fuse.



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