Drapht Announces New LP & Releases New Single

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor

Perth born hip-hop artist and rapper Paul Reid, known by stage name Drapht has just announced his fifth studio album. It’s release date is the 19th of August, 2016.

The album, titled Seven Mirrors is a 16 track LP which has already spawned lead single All Love and follow-up Mexico which features Dune Rats.

Drapht – Seven Mirros (Source: Drapht)


The Australian rapper known for his debut single Jimmy Recard which charted gold has recruited musical acts including Bradley Stone, Katie Noonan, Briggs, Nat Dunn (who last year was featured on Tigerlily’s Feel The Love). As well as Aussie hip-hop legends Hilltop Hoods, Joyride and Brendan Welch.

This collaboration with Hilltop Hoods is set to be a hit that goes down in Australian hip-hop history if it’s as good as it sounds on paper. Whilst the collaborations with Nat Dunn and Katie Noonan would definitely bring some vocal diversity to the album so that it doesn’t tire listeners out instantly (which can happen with long albums).

You can pre-order ‘Seven Mirror’s on iTunes now. It’s due out August 19th. Listen to ‘Mexico’ featuring Dune Rats on Spotify & iTunes now.

Featured Image: Drapht, Image Source: The Dwarf.


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