Icon For Hire’s “Supposed To Be” to Receive Music Video

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor 

American rock band Icon For Hire (yes I’m a fan if you haven’t already noticed) have confirmed that the track Supposed To Be from their upcoming third LP You Can’t Kill Us will receive a music video. They seem to be really giving the fans want they want with this.

Out of a total of six songs released from the LP (so far), this is the first to receive a music video. As a part of promotion for their third studio album, the duo have been releasing three songs every three months. The first of these was in March, which included Supposed To Be. However three more were released at the end of June, which is why it’s surprising to see Supposed To Be receiving a music video. Nonetheless still excited!

Icon For Hire first teased their 38 thousand followers on Twitter with a photo as shown below.

They then reminisced on their debut single Make A Move, which music video has received 12.5 million views, as well as the 2015 single Now You Know (the latest single to receive a music video) which has received 605 thousand views. This was before confirming a Supposed To Be music video. See the Tweet below.

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Featured Image: Ariel Bloomer & Shawn Jump at Soundwave Festival 2015. Image Source: Life Music Media.


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