Krewella Are Working on A Follow Up EP to ‘Ammunition’.

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor.

Already, just over a month after the release of their third EP (first as a duo), titled Ammunition. Krewella are already back in the studio working on a fourth currently untitled EP.

The sister duo consisting of Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf recently appeared on the show #AskGaryVee where they discussed ‘Media for Musicians’ and the ‘Business of Music’ along with their manager Jake Udell.

It’s interesting though, because Jahan mentioned working on a ‘Second, follow-up EP to Ammunition’. (2:55 of video below) Despite Ammunition being Krewella’s third EP (however first without producer Rain Man).

It seems as though the duo discount their previous discography and feel as though their new material is for a new Krewella, one completely different from the Krewella in which Rain Man was a prominent member.  Very interesting indeed.

Check the episode of #AskGaryVee out down below.

Featured Image: Jahan & Yasmine of Krewella, Image Source: EDM Chicago.




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