Daya – ‘Hide Away’ (Single Review)

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor

Daya, the 17-year-old Pittsburgh native whose single ‘Hide Away’ has gone platinum in three different countries is taking the music world by storm at the moment. But is the music good? Is Daya just another singer with a catchy single that reaches the top 20 before she fades away? This is my single review of her hit debut single Hide Away which answers these questions.

Hide Away manages to make a song about love somewhat sincere, which is rare considering the topic is completely overdone in pretty much every genre of music imaginable. There aren’t many examples from this decade i can give, but i believe Higher by Rihanna provides the same sincerity (except it’s better seen on the Rihanna track). Daya manages to offer social commentary on what young males are like by giving her perception. Her perception is very important in the verses, because it means that she isn’t just saying it, she has experienced it because perceptions are often based on experience.  This is indicated by the use of the word ‘seem’ in both verses.

She doesn’t sing about a new topic through as she discusses finding Mr. Right,  her one true only, the good boy who treats her right (you know, all the clichés).  All she wants is a partner to match, which is made clear in the chorus.

Daya at Kiss FM. (Source: J-14).

Production wise, the single matches that of Canadian performer Alessia Cara, with prominent and harsh drums.  Not necessarily like singles Here and Wild Things, but similar to album tracks Seventeen, I’m Yours, Scars To Your Beautiful and Overdose. A rather basic synth melody introduces the track before Daya’s powerful vocals jump in. But the good thing about the synth melody is that it’s always there, due to the lack of instrumentation. You can hear everything clearly. it’s refreshing.

The song, due to the chanted vocal melody in the chorus makes the song extremely fun to sing along to, which makes part of the hit’s aesthetic.

There’s a certain sincerity that comes along with Daya’s distinct vocals, which suggests to me that she’s going to stay relevant for at least a little while, but i could be wrong. She’s already proven one of my questions at the beginning to be wrong, as she climbs even higher (on the charts) on the track Don’t Let Me Down with producers The Chainsmokers.

Despite not writing or producing the single, which is disappointing. The single is pretty damn good, my only wish for Daya is to start writing her own music, even if she doesn’t learn to produce (because in my experience i know that producing is very difficult). It’ll help her find her own voice, rather than four or five other’s.

Overall i give the single a 4/5, I can’t give a song that isn’t completely new a 5/5 because it hasn’t broken any barriers or blended genres like never before. Lack of authenticity as an artist also comes along into play as she merely sung on the track. But it’s still a brilliant score for a very solid song.

You can listen to ‘Hide Away’ from Daya’s self-titled debut EP on iTunes and Spotify now.

Featured Image: Daya, Source: Post Gazette 


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