Bridgit Mendler – “Atlantis” Review

After a 3 year break from music, Bridgit Mendler is back, providing fans  with a shocking twist in sound. Long after the release of her debut album with Hollywood Records, Mendler has released the lead single from her upcoming EP “Nemesis” (due Nov. 18 via Black Box Records).

“Atlantis”, which features rapper Kaiydo is primarily an alt-pop-electronica track, harbouring on the topic of being unable to love and feeling numb after a long relationship ends. Although the topic may be overdone, Menlder manages to revive it, along with producers Spencer Bastian and Mischa Chillak.

The breezy, oozing feelings that Atlantis provides is a surprising change in comparison to the sound from the R&B infused pop from Hello My Name Is. The almost-revolutionary use of a vocoder in such a mature manner rocks the boat, but gently rather than roughly as everything about this track is subtle. The verse from Kaiydo creates a similar effect; it doesn’t feel forced but instead it provides a new perspective and flows naturally. Although the track probably didn’t need a rap feature in the first place.

Alongside a soothing synthscape is the skillful writing (as credited to Mendler and co.). With lines like “Not for me, be discreet, I should try not to yawn / I shut ’em down, shut ’em down, like a sniper on call.” The lyrics are fresh and interesting, making for one great song.

Despite being an odd choice for a lead single, there is nothing that can be said negatively about “Atlantis”, it doesn’t get boring, it doesn’t feel repetitive, and it doesn’t cling to the most generic tropes of pop music. Everything about Atlantis is amazing.

Overall, “Atlantis” feels like a natural departure and radical improvement from 2012’s Hello My Name Is... Mendler creates song which will make you yearn for the release of the Nemesis EP.

Rating: 5/5.

Angus McColl – Burning Anchor

Featured Image: Bridgit Mendler – Atlantis Cover Art


One thought on “Bridgit Mendler – “Atlantis” Review

  1. The artist grows! Bridgit is an artist at every level of her evolving talent! Loved her first album and always will! Atlantis is a pleasant labor of love surprise! Enjoy being in the present, it only lasts so long. Peace


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